QN-530 Automatic Sliding Door System Opener for Commercial

Automatic door opener

TECNOLOGIA Automatic door opener



The Smart Autodoor is an advanced automatic door system featuring cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless and secure entrance solution.


​Product Description

The autodoor uses DC motor to generate the most suitable power at low voltage and additionally install an emergency special battery for purpose of door opening in case of power-off. It has an intelligent master controller to easily control the door-opening width and speed and it is easy to connect to the access control system. To avoid mistakenly clamp pedestrians, it is installed with an automatic anti-clamping return device. Hanger of door leaf uses double traveling wheels, greatly eliminating the noise of door leaf during running and extending the use life of pulleys.

Product Feature

1. It has a full digital computer control system with good anti-interference performance, stable operation, small noise and stable parameters.automatic calibration algorithm to conduct precise position detection and automatic speed regulation calculation for heavy and light doors, which make the door has more stable and reliable working performance. A variety of functions are availblbe to meet the needs of different users.

2. It uses DC servo motor, which has the electric lock function .Precise manufacturing technology and turbine worm rotation structure make the motor run silently, greatly improving the rotating torque and transfer efficiency.Stepless variable rotation and uniform and stable run effectively reduce running noise.

3. It uses broadband power supply voltage design (170V-264V) to ensure complete functions.

4. Touch screen debugger, full of sense of science and technology, smooth running speed ,product functions and parameter settings are chear at a glance ,bringing great convenience to customers.

5. Six built remote control, six functional modes to choose from, perfect functions greatly meet the needs of customers , and can be individually connected to access control ,doorbell and other equipment.



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